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Start Off on the Right Foot with Bigfoot CMMS Data Transfer Services

Set up your existing data within Bigfoot quickly and easily using one of our CMMS data transfer services. Not only will you save time and effort, but Data Migration Services also help to increase the accuracy of your populated data. And no matter what state your legacy data is in, we’ve got you covered.

Standard Data Migration

Import all your data into Bigfoot CMMS using a pre-defined template. A Smartware Group Data Migration Specialist provides complete data analysis, migration guidance, and populates your Bigfoot data template with actual user examples.

Data Migration+

Regardless of your existing data format or type, our Data Migration+ Service will transfer all your data into Bigfoot CMMS. This process involves a full-scale data review and modification, and project oversight led by a Smartware Group Data Migration Specialist and consultant.

Can’t decide which Bigfoot Data Migration option is right for you? Contact our sales team to learn more today.