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The Start of a Successful CMMS Implementation

Smartware Group offers its Jumpstart CMMS implementation Consulting Services to assist you with the full set up, modeling, and configuration of your Bigfoot CMMS solution to match the requirements of your organization within your desired time frame. These Services aim to help optimize your Bigfoot CMMS experience, from providing easy and effective everyday operations to presenting the strategic reporting that is needed to help plan, track, and manage your maintenance functions moving forward.

With Jumpstart Consulting Services, you can expect to work with a dedicated Smartware Group consultant over four meeting sessions to identify your project requirements, present recommended solutions, work with your team to implement the solutions, and verify a successful project completion. The impact of a successful Bigfoot implementation can be felt for months, and even years, down the road.


Typical Jumpstart Consulting Services Outline*
  1. Welcome: Your organization’s Bigfoot Global Administrator receives full access to your Customer Portal for links and information to the Bigfoot account and any applicable add-on solutions and services.
  2. Kick-Off Meeting: An introductory team meeting with your Smartware Group consultant to discuss the consulting process.
  3. Virtual Training: Included with your Jumpstart Consulting Service, this training provides your team with a series of live webinars and an on-demand video library over a 12-month period.
  4. Goals & Objectives Meeting: Your consultant works with your team to understand existing structures, applications, priorities, and expectations; project scope, strategy, milestones, and resources are defined.
  5. Client Testing: A sandbox environment is created for your team to explore, learn, and test the Bigfoot CMMS solution.
  6. Planning Meeting: Your Bigfoot CMMS account is modeled with the recommended initial set-up, workflow configuration, and data examples, based on your requirements and needs; any applicable Data Migration Services are covered to include requirements, data integrity, and the template builder.
  7. Follow-Up Meeting: Your Bigfoot CMMS account is rolled out for validation, utilization, and KPI reporting.
  8. Operational: Communication to ensure Bigfoot is fully integrated with your maintenance operations processes, and your organization is achieving measurable results.

*Jumpstart Consulting may be designed to fit your unique project’s requirements, thereby reducing or increasing steps to this typical outline

Greater Project Initiatives Call for Consulting Blocks

For greater project initiatives, like increased project checkpoints, complex workflows, and multiple-site implementations, Consulting Blocks may be added to your existing Jumpstart Consulting package. Each Consulting Block is available in 10-hour time increments. The specialized knowledge and project management skills of the Smartware Group consulting team can make your unique project a success – from start to finish.

Reaping the Value of Your Bigfoot Investment

Jumpstart Consulting Services offer the best opportunity to maximize the ROI of your investment. Some of the overall benefits customers have experienced include:

  • The offloading of meeting coordination, management, and communication responsibilities
  • The promotion of a straight-line path to completion to hit deadlines and minimize effort
  • The reduction of risks associated with CMMS user adoption issues
  • The ability for all user types to be given a voice in the project

Garner the One-on-One Attention Your Project Deserves

  • Gain the assistance of a dedicated Smartware Group resource throughout the Consulting project
  • Visually walk through suggested scenarios and recommendations, as modeled in Bigfoot CMMS
  • Work with Bigfoot CMMS experts to receive the best end result for your organization

Learn more about Jumpstart Consulting Services – contact us today for information.