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Covering the Maintenance Requirements of Your Chemical Plant

It takes a flexible and ease-to-use, yet robust, maintenance management solution to handle the many different aspects of chemical manufacturing, such as equipment- and facilities-focused maintenance. Bigfoot chemical plant maintenance software covers it all by scaling to the complex site, location, and asset hierarchies necessary for multi-entity companies, or by maintaining basic operational structures for single entity organizations as required. Maintain all your vendor, supplier, and contractor relationships in one system, to include associated histories, costs, technician certifications, performance details, and schedules.2015_POYWinnerG

Ensure your maintenance operations stays on top of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), ISO certification, OSHA regulations, and other regulatory requirements with the Bigfoot date/time/user log tracking and Bigfoot Occupational Safety & Health (OSH).

Chemical Plant Maintenance Software

Manage your pumps, generators, mixers, and other assets and equipment in Bigfoot to prevent premature failures and identify better-performing equipment against less effective equipment. Report on a variety of issues related to cause codes, problem codes, work order types, and their frequency trends. Allocate labor based on your specially-configured priority lists for optimal productivity, and track project completion rates. The Bigfoot CMMS media library keeps your images, documents, hyperlinks, and other files tied with their respective equipment, assets, parts, personnel, and other items for a holistic approach to effective maintenance management.

See why other chemical manufacturers users have chosen Bigfoot CMMS for its Quick to Learn for Quick Results™ difference by contacting us today for a personalized demonstration.