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Constructing Your Ideal Maintenance Operations

Today’s challenges for the building products manufacturing industry call for a flexible and modern approach to maintenance management. Whether you’re seeking to leverage the IoT to build smart factories, minimize costs, take on lean initiatives, maintain certification and meet regulatory requirements, decrease downtime – or all of the above, Bigfoot building materials maintenance software can get you there.2015_POYWinnerG

Bigfoot specially caters to the needs of manufacturers of pipes, wallboard, parts, insulation, electrical wiring, and other building products through its modern and easy-to-use interface. The power behind its design, however, is the engine to truly optimize your maintenance operations now, and in the future.

The following points are a few of the ways Bigfoot CMMS can build excellence into your operations:

  • Compliance Management. Boost your regulatory and industry compliancy efforts for entities like National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and OSHA by maintaining detailed records for tagged assets, including work order history and time/date/user-stamped logs. Stay on top of tool inspections and calibrations through automated notifications.
  • Maintenance Planning. Utilize this interactive analysis of labor resources to ensure that appropriate team members are neither over, nor underutilized. Configurable color-coding offers a distinctive view of labor pool assignments on a given workday so less urgent Work Orders may be allocated to other days, or other times during a particular day – and team members can be re-assigned according to their workloads, bringing more balance to the maintenance schedule.
  • MRO Inventory. Manage your vendors, purchase orders (POs), and parts inventory in one central location with Bigfoot CMMS. Reduce redundant expenditures of time and money through Bigfoot’s WO2PO feature, in which POs may be automatically cut in order to buy only the parts needed for the job. Conduct physical counts and verify results using the built-in Bigfoot variance reports. 

Find out how much more Bigfoot CMMS can help improve the foundation of your maintenance operations by contacting sales for additional information and a personalized demonstration of the Bigfoot solution.