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In order to achieve goals of high system availability and environmental conditions for occupants, CMMS is an integral component to the maintenance strategy for branded hotels and lodging, casinos, ownership groups, arenas, and other hospitality organizations around the world. Bigfoot hotel CMMS, by Smartware Group, can help your organization surpass these goals and others, such as superb guest experiences, increased energy efficiency, and cost reductions, by standardizing maintenance practices and scaling to meet your particular demands.

As an Allied member of the National Association of Hotel & Lodging Engineers (NAHLE), Smartware Group understands the intricacies of hospitality maintenance management and continues to advance Bigfoot CMMS to accommodate this evolving industry.

Hospitality CMMS to Achieve Your Goals

The areas below highlight how hospitality groups win with Bigfoot CMMS:

  • Asset/Equipment Management. Structure your sites, assets, and equipment as granular or broad as needed – by facilities, buildings, floors, rooms, and more – simply through your Bigfoot configuration. Track maintenance costs by asset and location to develop a proactive maintenance plan, understand the true value of an asset, and reduce equipment failure.
  • Improve Guest Experience with Maintenance Requests. Give access to staff, managers, contractors, guests, and others to input requests for either automatic work order generation or a work order approval process. Service request notifications can be sent to designated recipients, with automated status updates provided to the front desk.

  • Increase Organization with an Automated PM Schedule. Leverage job planner functionality to schedule corrective and preventive maintenance, such as room inspection checklists, housekeeping, and pool service, along with optimizing labor schedules to ensure the right staff is in place at the right time.
  • Work Order Management. Set up meaningful KPIs to track goals from your main dashboard and receive automatic e-mail notifications when work becomes overdue.

Learn more about Bigfoot CMMS for hospitality CMMS maintenance management – contact us today for more information.