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Distributors of all types – broadline, specialist, or vertical – can find significant maintenance management improvements with Bigfoot EAM distribution. Whether you operate regionally, nationally, or internationally and serve a broad or limited base of customers, Bigfoot can be scaled to fit your operations. The list below includes only a handful of Bigfoot’s capabilities specifically for distributors:

  • Safety Comes First. Bigfoot’s integrated Occupational Safety & Health solution allows you to put your safety programs, inspections, and audits at the forefront of your operations. Manage drills, evacuations, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), and historical safety meeting notes within Bigfoot CMMS while recording and reporting on incidents by site, incident location, type, cause, involved parties, description, and more.
  • Mobile Maintenance. Particularly for large warehouses and distribution centers (or “throughout centers”), robust mobility is essential for maintenance teams to canvas vast locations efficiently and effectively. Utilize Bigfoot “On-The-Go” via any tablet or smartphone, wherever you have Internet access, whenever you need.
  • Bar coded Asset/Equipment Management. Maintain your simple or complex asset structures with corrective and preventive maintenance associated at each level of your choosing, including your asset inventory, like rollers, motors, or photo eye sensors. Drill down on each asset level to track, maintain, and report on all related costs. Extend your maintenance processes to include fleet operations and all corrective work and parts inventory related to your vehicles – even scan assets and spare parts to create/close work orders, update work order labor entries, and more.

EAM Distribution

  • Job Planner for Optimal Labor Performance. Gain control of your labor costs by visualizing, understanding, and steering your activities as needed through a modern, drag-and-drop calendar function. Balance staff priorities based on shift availability, work order criticality, team member skillsets, and more to accelerate your labor resource management.
  • Continual Process Improvement. In order to increase your uptime and maintain goal progress, keep your KPIs and charts front and center through the main Bigfoot dashboard. Configure your metrics with color-coded indicators to cover site-specific, personnel-specific, or corporate-wide KPIs. Set up charts to monitor work order assignments by team member, overdue corrective vs. preventive maintenance work orders, and other areas based on your objectives. Tap into Bigfoot’s extensive, built-in reports to get a hold of maintenance activity trends, Asset Life Cycle Analysis (ACLA), parts usage, and more.
  • Parts Inventory. Manage all your parts for your HVAC, fire, electrical, lighting systems, and more using Bigfoot CMMS inventory and purchasing.  Maintain your physical counts, and track one part among different locations or several parts within one location. Create purchase orders (POs) with complete cost information and e-mail POs to suppliers or internal staff within Bigfoot. For even quicker inventory management, leverage Bigfoot Part Express to check out bar coded parts simply and efficiently.

Explore the rest of what Bigfoot CMMS offers to distributors – contact sales to learn more about Bigfoot for distribution today.