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Better Equipment Optimization with Bigfoot Mining CMMS

Mining, mineral processing, or supplying to the mining industry requires  a maintenance management software that is both modern and powerful enough to keep up with your operational and environmental targets. With Bigfoot mining CMMS, you can be confident in having one source to increase capacity and improve efficiency of mobile equipment, fixed assets, and fleet management.  Some of the areas that mining organizations find big benefits with Bigfoot include:

  • Increase Labor Productivity. Schedule personnel with the drag-and-drop Bigfoot job planner. Configure your color-coding options to view labor pool assignments on a given workday, as well as in the future. This interactive functionality allows you to reduce overtime and staff burnout while also increasing productivity.
  • Maintenance Requests. Give access to external or internal personnel, such as contractors, project managers, and admin, to input requests for either automatic work order generation or a work order approval process.
  • Project Management. Define a particular project based on budget, costs, time frames, statuses, categories, sites, and other delineating factors. Add work orders to your projects with log tracking to ensure your project is moving in the right direction.
  • Inventory Control and Purchasing. Keep tabs on inventory movement related to stocked, non-stocked, and special order items. Associate vendors, locations, and costs to inventory items so your planners can assign the right tools at the right time. Optimize your parts control and reduce warehousing costs with Just-in-Time (JIT) Inventory.
  • Maximize Equipment and Vehicle Uptime with Asset/Equipment Management. Manage detailed records on each asset or piece of equipment in your organization. No matter where your cranes and other assets move, their historical data – such as service contracts, preventive maintenance schedules, inspection routes and more – are always available within Bigfoot. Enact specific workflows by using asset statuses to trigger e-mail notifications and other activities, like suspending a preventive maintenance schedule, to your maintenance and non-maintenance personnel. Ensure you have the right folks for the right work by relating labor to assets so work orders may be assigned to the appropriate personnel.
  • EHS/Safety Management. Maintain MSHA, ISO compliance, and other regulatory standards by integrating your safety programs, audits, and inspections with your maintenance data for a tracked, repeatable, and visible safety process, all using Bigfoot OSH.
  • Reporting. Historical data can be leveraged to make cost-effective capital asset planning and expenditure decisions, productive labor management, and inventory management decisions. Rely on Bigfoot’s built-in suite of reports or design your own with the Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise+ report writer.

With Bigfoot CMMS, you have a robust maintenance management system powerful enough to handle your biggest operations, yet simple enough to learn quickly. Contact us today for more information about Bigfoot CMMS for the mining industry.