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Empower Your Maintenance Operations with Bigfoot

As asset-intensive organizations, oil, gas, electric, and water companies need the ability to maintain those assets to increase high-performance longevity and uptime. Bigfoot CMMS gets the job done by storing your compressors, pipes, turbines, pumps, tanks, and more in one central solution so you can drill down to all your associated work orders, costs, spare parts inventory, and other items. Ensure optimal maintenance coverage of small and large geographic areas by enacting Bigfoot’s hierarchical system to manage everything from sites and regions to particular buildings and rooms. See how Bigfoot handles some of these common maintenance functions for the energy and utilities sector:

  • Condition Monitoring. Keep a pulse on your assets and equipment through sensor-gathered data, such as alarm extraction, and either manually maintain these readings in Bigfoot or integrate this data using the Bigfoot OPC Interface for optimal preventive and corrective maintenance. Trigger automatic e-mails to internal or external personnel for the notification of status updates, work order assignments, and more.
  • Compliancy. Whether your power plant needs to maintain specific FERC or NERC compliance, or you’re required to perform preventative maintenance (PM) on your pipeline and gathering stations, or you must document tasks for OSHA requirements, or you’re responsible for expediting non-PM work to minimize downtime of the critical systems in your plant, Bigfoot can help organize and execute your maintenance and safety programs to help your operations run efficiently, effectively and safely.
  • Document Management. Manage all your service contracts, technician certifications, engineering drawings, images, and more with the Bigfoot media library. Tie documents and document web links to specific work orders, personnel, assets, parts, equipment, and other items within Bigfoot for clear communications centered on the most up-to-date information.
  • User Permissions. Set appropriate permissions for users at all levels, internal and external to your organization. Define permissions at a granular level, to include view, edit, create, or delete only restrictions, to a broad base of global permissions.

To learn more about Bigfoot’s capabilities for the energy and utilities industry, contact sales for a personalized demonstration today.