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Protect Your Critical Infrastructure and Assets in a Big Way

The operations of a data center depend on solid facility and equipment and asset maintenance – from maintaining environmental controls and fire protection systems, to ensuring computers systems and related components are achieving maximum uptime as a result of optimal maintenance planning – and Bigfoot CMMS can help your organization get there through modern data center asset management software. See just some of the ways Bigfoot CMMS has helped data centers reach their maintenance goals:

  • Asset/Equipment Management. Assign different criticality levels for your servers, compressors, switch gears, computers, power supplies, and more within Bigfoot, and rank your work orders based on your highest priorities.
  • Preventive Maintenance Management. Create specific preventive maintenance instructions or link broad instructions from a master record to many assets or pieces of equipment for easy editing and documentation management.
  • Audit/Compliance Management. Comply with internal and government standards/entities, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), by tracking all maintenance in Bigfoot, complete with user, time, and date-stamped logs. Add Bigfoot OSH to the mix to maintain your safety and inspection programs as an integrated component of your maintenance operations.

“Our biggest logistical challenge for any data center is planning maintenance for the year. Bigfoot enables us to auto-populate preventive maintenance activities out into the future, and that gives us a big advantage.”

Chris Thames, Senior Director of Critical Facilities Operations
RagingWire Data Centers
Ashburn, VA

Data Center Asset Management Software

Contact us to take advantage of Bigfoot CMMS’ easy-to-use interface and get your team online quickly to realize some of the most efficient and effective data center operations in the industry.