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Work the Way You Want

At Smartware Group, we recognize that not every organization handles work orders the same way. That’s why Bigfoot CMMS work order software was designed to be flexible for your process.  You have the ability to filter maintenance requests through an optional approval process before converting to a work order; or simply allow requests to auto-generate work orders. Corrective maintenance work orders may be manually created by authorized users, while preventative maintenance work orders may be due by day. Regardless of what type, work orders may be associated with any item in Bigfoot, such as locations, assets, sites, and more.

Dynamic Work Order Software

Manage your work orders within Bigfoot through a variety of filtering options: by user, contractor, priority, criticality, and others. Track all work, and understand what is behind schedule and why. Develop a dynamic work order workflow based on a next status type, e-mail notifications, or other logic to truly match Bigfoot to your maintenance operations. Research work orders by virtually any dimension, including asset, person, work order type, problem code, cause code, and location, to analyze performance for predictive maintenance reporting and analysis. Gain detailed labor and part usage records to optimize productivity and allocation. For complete project management, group your work orders together in Bigfoot.

For enhanced communication, co-mingle work orders in Bigfoot work order software to serve as “to-do list” for personnel or create work queues for each worker type, like technicians, managers, and others. There are many ways to manage your work orders in Bigfoot – contact us today for more information about Bigfoot work order software for your organization.