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The Muscle of Maintenance Operations

Preventive maintenance (PM) management is at the heart of Bigfoot maintenance management software. Whether you use a calendar-based approach or rely on meter reading entries – or a combination of the two – to schedule your PMs, Bigfoot maintenance management software is designed to handle it all. View your PMs on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, or simply combine dates using drag-and-drop functionality for a unique view within Bigfoot CMMS. Manage your meter readings based on any numerical value, so you can establish threshold minimum and maximums for the number of widgets created, cut, hours run, and more.

The preventive maintenance function of Bigfoot CMMS possesses the intelligence to delay future PMs if a previous PM is late in completion, and can force PMs to retire early or adjust in scheduling based on any factor you determine. Balance your PM schedules simply within Bigfoot by shifting dates/times in order to accommodate staff or priorities.

Powerful Preventive Maintenance Management Software

In addition, you can set future schedules at a glance within Bigfoot and overlay corrective maintenance work orders, if desired. Include broad instructions from a library of pre-defined steps, or set detailed procedures, documents, pictures, videos, and more for each PM. Automatic notifications, such as e-mail, can be generated and co-mingled with corrective work orders for instant communication with specific personnel or groups.

Learn more about Bigfoot preventive maintenance management software by contacting sales for more information.