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Making Smart Maintenance, Smarter with Predictive Maintenance

Go beyond proactive maintenance to stretch the longevity of your assets to the max and accurately predict maintenance events before they occur – without burdening limited labor and time resources. The automation and configuration capabilities of the modern Bigfoot CMMS solution and its predictive maintenance (PdM) functionality gives you the keys to manage your assets and equipment as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Condition-based PdM

Capture readings from any asset in your factory, plant, facility, or other location through either manual entry or using the Bigfoot Integration Suite in conjunction with asset monitoring systems, test measurement devices, or other solutions to automatically tie this data into Bigfoot for automatic maintenance activity. Establish value thresholds to independently trigger preventive maintenance (PM) or corrective maintenance work orders. For example, a pressure reading near a filter may be below your value standard to indicate a clogged filter. Bigfoot can then initiate a PM work order to have this filter changed and notify the appropriate personnel via e-mail. Or units may be set up to auto-generate PM work orders once a unit has been operating longer than a certain number of hours. Alternatively, corrective work orders can be issued by Bigfoot based on certain temperature fluctuations.

With Bigfoot PdM, you can make your Internet of Things (IoT) initiative a reality for smarter maintenance.

Historical Analysis

Your PdM may be based on historical work orders or other maintenance data as another option in Bigfoot CMMS. This history can be used to feed reporting like Asset Life Cycle Analysis, trend analysis and others. Use work order types, problem codes, cause codes, for instance, to further develop your analysis. Incorporate results to help identify better performing assets, optimize PM schedules, enhance labor allocation, improve asset purchase decision-making, and more.


A sample meter reading input within Bigfoot CMMS.

Map out your organization’s predictive maintenance strategy in the IoT era in Bigfoot CMMS today by contacting us for a personalized demonstration.