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Manage MRO Purchasing With Ease

Bigfoot gives you the ability to manage the MRO purchasing and procurement function for your maintenance operations in one, central solution.

CMMS Purchasing - Bigfoot

Click on the image for a sample purchase order detail screen in Bigfoot CMMS.

Using the same simple and consistent design throughout Bigfoot, you can easily create purchase orders or requisitions based on current on-hand part quantities, re-order points, par-levels, or other requirements. Sort and manage your purchase orders by vendor, multiple vendors, parts, and more. Print, e-mail, and share Bigfoot purchase orders with other teams throughout your organization, such as your purchasing or accounting department. Configure budget templates for your organization by site, region, location, or asset to generate an actual versus budgeted comparison for labor, parts, or other items based on a particular time frame, including future months. Bigfoot’s significant scalability allows you to maintain a basic purchasing process, or build a comprehensive workflow to include approval processes, dynamic status and email triggers, and much more.

Integration with Cloud MRO Procurement Solutions

For organizations seeking to leverage the benefits of a best-of-breed procurement solution, such as Contraqer, in conjunction with Bigfoot CMMS, the Bigfoot Integration Suite can easily tie the systems together to automatically update parts, supplier, and other data to effectively achieve closed-loop MRO procurement.



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