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Just-in-Time MRO Inventory Management

Track and maintain all your spare parts MRO inventory in one, easy-to-use system with Bigfoot CMMS:

  • Associate your parts to assets, or assets to particular parts to further control your parts management. Adapt Bigfoot to your parts consumption process, either within work orders, preventive maintenance, or through manual updates, and manage one part in numerous locations or many parts in many locations as needed.
  • Link any number of parts into a kit for a PM to make an individual job easier when working with a large quantity of parts. Reserve parts for future work orders while dispatching parts for immediate usage, and Bigfoot automatically refreshes your available part quantity.
  • Create advanced workflows within Bigfoot to auto-deplete or auto-dispatch parts based on the status of a work order. The breadth of Bigfoot enables you to search for parts locally for your site or across other sites for true Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory. Specify inventory re-order points and par levels, and report on levels across your location or other sites.

Quick MRO Inventory Optimization

You can also perform physical counts of parts within Bigfoot, by locations and categories of parts. Gain instant feedback on variance details through on- and off-screen reporting, and utilize auditing and notes fields to follow up on discrepancies. Incorporate bar coding for an even quicker part check in/out process with Bigfoot Part Express.

Learn more about how the powerful Bigfoot CMMS can accommodate your MRO inventory management by contacting us for a personalized demonstration today.