Mobile Work Order Software for Maintenance “On-the-Go”

Your maintenance management solution should be as mobile as you are, and Bigfoot’s “On-the-Go” (OTG) solution gets you there without sacrificing core functionality or flexibility. Bigfoot OTG mobile work order software can be accessed across any smartphone or tablet device, such as iPhone, iPad, Surface, Android, Galaxy, Lumia, and more.

Bigfoot_whiteiphoneThe mobile version of Bigfoot strives to achieve the same Quick to Learn for Quick Results™ standard as the browser-based Bigfoot solution, which allows for fast and easy user adoption – no additional training necessary. Simply log into Bigfoot OTG using your same Bigfoot credentials and see instant updates to your Bigfoot CMMS solution, regardless of the device(s) used, in real-time. 


Some of the ways you can take your maintenance operations on the road with Bigfoot OTG include:

  • Asset Management. Search for any asset or equipment or scan bar codes to find work orders for the related asset or equipment. Generate a new maintenance request or work order through Bigfoot mobile, or look up the history of an asset or equipment. You can also view safety notes and documents as well through your smartphone or tablet device. 
  • Work Order Management. Create, view, and edit any of your preventive or corrective work orders. Keep your operations in motion by adding notes and parts, changing statuses, calculating labor manually or through the Bigfoot stopwatch feature, and more.
  • Parts Inventory Control. Conduct physical counts and research real-time quantities on hand, re-order points, and other activities to control your spare parts inventory wherever you are. Shorten your steps by using your tablet or smartphone device for bar code scanning “on the fly” to quickly locate assets, parts, related histories, and related details.

Learn more about Bigfoot OTG for your mobile maintenance management software needs by contacting sales for a personalized demonstration today.