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Experience the Power of Bigfoot Maintenance Reports


As a robust maintenance management solution, Bigfoot packs powerful maintenance report and analysis to canvass your operations. Generate basic views of single work orders and assets to complex business intelligence using histories, reports, and analysis, such as Asset Life Cycle Analysis and Trends Analysis. Access the depth of Bigfoot’s comprehensive work order, asset, and part summary screens to home in on critical data, then apply any report for even greater visibility. Use built-in Bigfoot charts, graphs, and Analyzer to “slice and dice” your data as needed, and build your own configurable reports or modify existing reports with Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise+ report writer.

Gain Strategic Insight with Maintenance Report & Analytics

Bigfoot Enterprise+ also allows you to take your analytics a step further with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound) measures as part of your overall performance management system. Stay on top of work order response rates by personnel within a designated period of time; downtime hours; total part valuations, and more. Configure KPIs at the global and user level for a targeted approach to help drive the desired action(s) for an overall successful strategy.

Some of the pre-defined reports in Bigfoot include, but are not limited to:

  • Site Executive Summary
  • Preventive Maintenance Future Detail
  • Preventive Maintenance Parts Needed
  • Preventive Maintenance Completion Analysis
  • Work Order Summary Analysis
  • On-Time/Late Work Orders
  • Downtime Analysis
  • Part Usage (by asset or part)
  • Labor Analysis
  • Department Analysis
  • Site Comparison
  • Category Comparison
  • Part Valuation
  • Physical Count
  • Part Detail and Summary
  • Asset Summary
  • Asset Cost Analysis
  • Trends Analysis
  • And many more report options!

For advanced data access and reporting capabilities, tap into Bigfoot Integration Suite to integrate your maintenance data with the reporting tool of your choice. Learn more about Bigfoot CMMS maintenance report and analysis by contacting us for additional information.