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EHS Safety Comes First with Bigfoot

Designed to help facilities with regulatory compliance and inspections, the Bigfoot Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) function is a complete EHS safety, audit, incident, and inspection program that is a core function of the Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise+ solution.

EHS: Bigfoot OSH for CMMS Safety

This function enables you to easily create, track, review, and monitor any safety programs, including drills, evacuations, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), historical safety meeting notes, and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), all within Bigfoot CMMS. Record and report on incidents by site, incident location, type, cause, involved parties, description, and more. For maintenance and EHS/safety on-the-go, use the Bigfoot mobile app for iOS and Android devices to access your safety programs anywhere.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure a safe work environment and decrease the risk of noncompliance fines and penalties
  • Efficiently and effectively record any incidents in one location for easy auditing and incident management
  • Automate the process of performing internal or 3rd-party audits and inspections, as

    Link your sites, assets, and personnel with your incidents, safety programs, and audit/inspection programs in one maintenance system. Bigfoot’s logging capabilities track user edits, dates, and times for total compliance management.

    well as reviewing history and results

  • Centralize your maintenance and safety data in one system, thereby reducing duplicate data entry
  • Minimize the learning curve for users, as an integrated menu item of Bigfoot CMMS

Click on the recorded webinar, “Safety First: Keeping Occupational Safety & Health a Priority,” below to learn more about using Bigfoot OSH for your own EHS/safety needs.




Enhance your safety and maintenance operations today by contacting us for further details on Bigfoot OSH.