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CMMS Inventory Management Self-Checkout with Bigfoot Part Express


Expedite your spare part check-out process simply and easily with Bigfoot Part Express for optimal CMMS inventory management.

Part Express is an API to your Bigfoot parts and work order information, enabling you to simply grab a part to retrieve its associated asset or equipment, and quickly check the part out within your facility – either alone or through a work order. This application, geared for Windows operating systems, is a simple executable file that resides locally on your PC while all data storage and processing remains within the cloud-based Bigfoot solution.




You’ll be able to view your remaining inventory levels as well as check parts back into inventory. To locate and check out your parts even faster, use compatible bar code technology from our Bigfoot Preferred Hardware Partner or choose your own hardware options to connect to Part Express using a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled device or via USB.

Get started with Bigfoot Part Express by contacting us today for more information.