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Find Your Fit with Add-On Bigfoot CMMS Solutions

While the core functionality of Bigfoot CMMS, including preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, asset and equipment management, work order management, purchasing, inventory, safety management, mobile app, and reporting, can handle the majority of a maintenance professional’s requirements, the cloud-based Bigfoot solution is designed to be flexible in order to accommodate all types of maintenance operations, both today and tomorrow.

For other CMMS requirements, the following Bigfoot Add-On Solutions are available to meet your needs:

  • Bigfoot Active Directory. Extend your Active Directory database to include Bigfoot CMMS user log-ins and passwords to automatically sync enabled and disabled users seamlessly.
  • Bigfoot Integration Suite. Tie your asset condition monitoring (ACM) system or test and measurement instruments with Bigfoot CMMS to execute true predictive maintenance; integrate your custom or off-the-shelf ERP, accounting, procurement, or other system with Bigfoot; access Bigfoot maintenance data for advanced reporting options or to satisfy your local archiving strategy.
  • Bigfoot Part Express. Quickly check out spare parts using bar code technology, either alone or through a work order.

Review each of the Add-On CMMS Solutions to see the full capabilities of Bigfoot. For requirements outside of these above solutions, simply contact us to see how Bigfoot may assist your unique environment.