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The Bigfoot CMMS Blog

Adhering to Safety Regulations across Industry

April 20, 2017 | Chemical, Energy & Utilities, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Mining, Occupational Safety & Health | no comments

A need to keep employees safe and adhere to relevant safety regulations is universal for maintenance departments, but the exact circumstances will necessarily differ for companies according to their sector. Mining, for example, is so unique that it follows its own U.S. government administrative branch, called MSHA. Just as compliance varies for organizations, so to does the means to comply.

Less ‘Firefighter Mode,’ More Continuous Maintenance Improvement

February 28, 2017 | CMMS Tips, Continuous Improvement | no comments

When departments are pressed for time, straining to manage their backlogs or keep up with current demands, it’s hard to iterate. A maintenance team busy fighting fires and struggling to keep up with overdue work orders can’t spare a moment to orchestrate breakthroughs or incremental gains at effectual paces. Proper configurations of CMMS and EAM solutions can be impactful in this regard, turning departments into well-oiled machines better suited to keep up with maintenance demands and grow over time.

Manufacturers Wage War on Unplanned Downtime, Overtime

February 20, 2017 | CMMS Case Studies, Manufacturing | no comments

Despite the shadow of potential setbacks and unforeseen variables, nine out of ten manufacturers expect annual revenue growth, with more than a quarter (27 percent) anticipating strong growth of more than 10 percent per year. For this to become a reality, manufacturers must ensure that equipment and assets are reliable and available during peak times for maximum output with minimum downtime.

3 Advantages of Automation in Preventive Maintenance

February 13, 2017 | Consulting, Integration, Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance | 1 comment

The more automation you can introduce to your PM plan, the less time your team will have to waste on keeping the wheels turning, leaving them free to complete work orders and get your assets running smoothly when you need them. This is to say nothing of the accuracy advantages you will reap with a good maintenance automation plan.

Tying the Gaps Between CMMS and ERP

February 8, 2017 | Integration, Inventory Management, Parts Inventory, Purchasing | no comments

Computerized maintenance management systems don’t have to stand alone. In fact, platform-based solutions are at their best when they bring the entire plant or other facility together, connecting data between departments to get a holistic view of the total operations. Making this connection quite often means linking CMMS with an ERP solution to ensure accurate and current data, as well as corresponding business processes and workflows, are moving in both directions.

Be Our Guest: Surpassing Goals and Expectations

January 23, 2017 | Budget Management, CapEx, Consulting, Hospitality, Training | no comments

The unique challenges affecting today’s lodges, casinos, spa resorts, stadiums, and other businesses making up the hospitality industry deserve attention from all relevant departments, even when the connection only exists indirectly. For instance, improving the guest experience isn’t just about providing great customer service. Back-end processes, such as asset maintenance and upkeep, can have a huge impact on whether guests enjoy themselves enough to post a stellar review. Therefore, maintenance fits well into service plans.